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Further funding awarded to progress detailed design stage

Dear all,

Following a successful funding bid to National Highways, the Camberley-Frimley Cycleway project has funding in place to complete work required through to the end of the detailed design stage (producing designs which are construction ready). This work, which is planned to be carried out over the next 1 year (approximately) is underway and will include progressing the following:

• Progressing necessary consents to deliver proposals off the public highway. This includes agreeing the scope of proposals with Surrey Heath Borough Council where infrastructure is proposed on borough land.

• Developing detailed design drawings, taking into account feedback from the public consultation and further investigations into route alignment options where required.

• Finalising the scope of the infrastructure to be delivered through the project.

• Updating the cost estimates to construct infrastructure proposed.

• Completing a business case for construction funding and applying for construction funding – potentially later in 2023 subject to a funding window opportunity.

Kind regards,

Major Schemes Team

Posted on 1st February 2023

by Major Schemes Team

Camberley to Frimley Cycleway Scheme Update

Dear all,

We are writing to provide an update on the Camberley-Frimley Cycleway scheme and public consultation.

We have completed the analysis of all public consultation feedback; this is summarised in the consultation report accessible via the link below.

Camberley to Frimley Cycleway Consultation Report - May 2022.pdf

Progression of the scheme further, beyond the feasibility design work completed, will require further funding. We have made an application for detailed design funding. Subject to all the necessary approvals to proceed and funding being awarded, the detailed design stage would involve further investigation into the deliverability scheme elements where required (scheme scope is yet to be finalised), progressing consents needed for construction, and developing the designs of the scheme to greater detail, with consideration of issues identified during the consultation.

Kind regards,

Major Schemes Team

Posted on 26th May 2022

by Project Team